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Contact: Mary Ma
Mobile Phone: 86-13807896076
Work Phone: 86-0779-2063526
Email: mary-culturedpearls@hotmail.com
Address: Building 37, Shajiao Street, Gaode Town, Beihai city, Guangxi
province, China (Mainland)

About Us

I have a deep understanding of my foreign customers, and how they love making their own designs. This comes from my experience working in a fine jewelry store, and before starting my sales and overseas marketing. My foreign customers have different requests for the pearl strands and loose pearls they want, and we have positioned our business around what they are looking for.

Some of our customers love pearls with big holes, and many ask us to re-drill the holes to 1mm or 2mm for them. They use leather to string these pearls. Sometimes our customers want special colours of pearls. Or special shapes. Or sizes! They love finding the perfect products to use in their jewelry production line, and we love helping them find the perfect products.

Our main products are freshwater cultured pearls and salt water cultured pearls. We offer all shapes and sizes. Of course, we also offer finished jewelry, and we have designs you can consider and purchase.

The advantages to working with us are:

1. We have a pearl factory in Zhuji, Zhejiang, and because of this, offer competitive prices

2. We welcome small or large orders, from individuals or retailers.

3. We offer very good customer service.

4. We offer professional advice as needed, and work with our customers to recommend more varieties of pearls they can use.

At MZZ Pearl, you can find the best pearls for your jewelry making.

If you have any questions, please contact us at mary-culturedpearls@hotmail.com

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